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Hey! Welcome, here is a new blog about Redis. The one of the best no sql databases in the world!

I plan to write about the internal structure Redis. On the aspects that have received little attention in everyday development. And which become important in the loaded systems.

I hope that other authors to join me. Together, we will make this resource is important and interesting. The site is located on github.io and everyone can make their contribution with pull request to https://github.com/Redisplanet/redisplanet.github.io/

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Under the Hood of Redis: Hash [Part 2] & List

Hash table is a bit LIST, SET and SORTED SET in Redis. Judge for yourself - LIST is made up of ziplist/linkedlist, SET consists of dict/intset, and SORTED SET is ziplist/skiplist. We have already discussed Dictionary (dict), and in the second part of the article we consider the structure of ziplist and linkedlist. Continue reading

Under the Hood of Redis: Hash [Part 1]

Published on January 02, 2016

Under the Hood of Redis: Strings

Published on December 22, 2015