About Redis Planet

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Radis is an excellent tool with which I have been working the last 5 years. Last year I have a lot to answer with tag Radis on Stackoverflow.

Site mission is open cover of internal structure of Redis. Focus on the aspects that have received little attention in everyday development. And which become important in the high loaded systems.

I want developers to know how to use Redis. I hope that other good people to join me to do this project.

Nikolay Bondarenko

Engage in commercial development since 2003. Until 2009, the 3DVIA Virtools evangelist, has been developing games on this engine - Dead Reefs, Aura 2: Sacred Rings, FormulaO2, consulting connected with it. Prior to 2010, engaged in games for social networks as a human orchestra (team lead, Producing, development), the most interesting is considered the “Cradle of magic” and “Mercenaries - Cards of Destiny”.

Since 2010, the team lead in the team Syncopate (design platform gamenet.ru). Since that time in my life greatly increased client application on c # + wpf, qt + qml or just c++. And various server-side code with node.js, php, mongo, mysql and mssql, redis. I am able to love and to do complex automation based jenkins and can classify themselves as staunch supporter of open source software.

Your name here?

Write something interesting about Redis and sen d pull request to https://github.com/Redisplanet/redisplanet.github.io/

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